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Excelvan Mini Projector

The mini led Projector is a top-rated size for displaying small Projector images on small screens, it supports 1080 p 1800 lumens with up to 000 hours of power life. The projectors design is top-of-the-heap for adding extra visual space to your home or office, the is a top-rated surrogate for enthusiasts who itch for the convenience of a mini Projector with the range and power of a full-time projector.

Excelvan 70 Lumens Mini Projector

The 70 lumens mini Projector is top-of-the-line for someone searching for a small, portable Projector that can be used for their work or school purposes, with a resolution of 20", it's great for viewing documents or videos without having to worry about carrying around a large tv or projector. Also best-in-class for university courses or other professional purposes, the mini Projector is a top-of-the-line solution for displaying biz or in a small space. It is a portable, digital Projector that uses 1080 p resolution with vga and audio for up to 15 ps performance, it is furthermore have an usb connection for data storage and is set at 20 clarity with its small size. The mini Projector is an exceptional alternative for suitors who itch for a small, budget-friendly Projector that can project from a non-traditional angle, the Projector uses arduino boards and to create a small, low-power Projector that can project at 480320 p resolution. This makes it a top-notch substitute for movies and video games that are smaller than 6'x6'ers, the mini Projector is a low-cost projectors that come with a fixed 100-watt agent led light emitting from the light-emitting layer. It can project images up to with a resolution of up to the image quality is excellent for a Projector of this price, the mini Projector also features a self-timer, making it beneficial for cramped places.