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Jinhoo Mini Projector

The mini Projector is unrivalled for lovers who desiderate a Projector that can project from wifi into other wifi devices, this Projector renders a projection size of up to 176 inches, making it first-rate for larger events or classrooms. With a facile to operate biz or app, the is sensational biz shoppers.

Top 10 Jinhoo Mini Projector

This is a high-quality mini Projector that supports full-hd resolution, it grants a short throw of just over 2 m and is powered by a standard anker battery. It is also compliments of the grin design, the mini is a powerful and basic to operate projector. It is sensational for home and office projection purposes, the Projector grants a small, lightweight and effortless to carry around body. It can project images up to 480 p resolution with excellent color quality, the mini Projector also supports 3-elvetoryts, making it basic to follow-up events and speeches. The mini Projector is superb for admirers who wish for a Projector that can project up to 100% in direct sunlight, the Projector presents a wifi feature so you can have it connected to your computer, making it straightforward to project it. The Projector also presents an 10" screen so it can be used in direct sunlight too, the mini Projector is a high-end Projector that offers outstanding value for your money. It offers a high level of brightness and for its price tag, the mini Projector also presents an 000 mah battery that allows you to project the light for up to 6 hours. Additionally, it provides a quick start guide and user manual that will help you from first-time Projector owners.