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Kodak Mini Projector

The Kodak ultra mini pocket portable dlp 75 luma Projector is sensational for a quick project or movie watching, it's lightweight and facile to store, so you can take it with you anywhere. The Projector can project a resolution of 75 luma and presents a digital readability rating of 5 out of 5, it is dandy for providing a low-cost choice to a low-cost product.

Kodak Mini Projector Review

The Kodak ultra mini is a very small, lightweight and affordable portable projector, it is only a projectable area of about 16 square inches, so it is not very compare to larger projectors. However, it projects good hd 1080 p images with very little distortion, the mini Projector also offers a very low price for its class. It is a terrific alternative for a small room or home movie watching, the Kodak ultra mini portable Projector is a top way on the that searching for a portable Projector that can be used for photography or film watching. It's a mini Projector that is about in size and extends a power level of about 10 lumens, this makes it exceptional for small spaces or for use with led lights. The Kodak ultra mini portable Projector also supports digital back-up lens technology, which means you can keep track of your movie watching even when there's no light in the room, the Kodak ultra mini portable Projector is a splendid surrogate if you don't have too much space on your desk. It is a mini Projector with a screen size of about 10 inches wide and a screen size of about 10 inches long, it can project from a standard dvd or capacity, while it grants a battery life of up to 6 hours. The Kodak ultra mini portable Projector is further washable and water resistant for ease of use, the Kodak ultra mini Projector is an exceptional tool for under $200 and is currently in use by people like me. It gives an 1080 p resolution and effortless to use, even for beginners.