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Qumi Mini Projector

The Qumi q5-black is a high-definition Projector with a mini form-factor that can be used for home cinema, school presentations or large events, with its dlp technology, this Projector can project content at up to 000 square feet with ease. Plus, the mini form-factor makes it first-class for on-the-go or small events.

Cheap Qumi Mini Projector

The Qumi mini Projector is outstanding for people who are wanting for a portable Projector that can reach up to 20' up, this projecter is packed with features, including a dlp technology that project images up to 20' high. The mini Projector is straightforward to use, with a quick start guide that tells you how to operate the projector, the Projector also presents a built in mic and headphones. The mini Projector also imparts a short range, so it can be used in smaller spaces, so it can be used in either direction. The Qumi q5-black is an unequaled way for enthusiasts digging for a portable Projector that is tested, this Projector presents a dlp technology that peerless for father's day or special events. The Projector also grants a small size that makes it splendid for small spaces, the Projector also provides a quick start guide that will help you start using the Projector easily. The Qumi mini Projector is a new and testing product from the company qumi, it is a modern take on the traditional projector. It is small and facile to use, making it a top-notch product for travelling or for just using it on the go, the Qumi mini Projector is the latest in a line of portable Projector models that offers edge-lit projection from small spaces. With its small size and lightweight, this model is top for busy restaurants, schools, and other small spaces, the mini Projector also features a dlp technology that allows for projection than traditional light projection. With its small size, this model is first-class for less experienced projectionists or Projector operators.